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WAYWESEE  - February 2020

February 5-29, 2020

ART4US @ GalleryB Bethesda

Nana Bagdavadze

Katty Biglari

Antonella Manganelli

Grazia Montalto


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Fine Lines Exhibit - April 2019

Opening: Sunday April 7 2:00-5:00 pm

Lake Anne Community Center Reston Virginia


US4 Artshow February 2018

US4 is the convergence of 4 artists from 4 different cultures, crossing boundaries investigating science, technology, space, perception, and politics - from abstraction to form, liquid to solid. 

US4 mission:

to map the celestial realms in surf and wave

to draw the escape routes of black holes 

to make harmony out of chaos 

to build bridges instead of walls

to find hidden faces in the personality of nature

to unify thoughts toward function and beauty

to see time as a giant playing field

to solve horror with love and use our Free Will

to grow solutions from impossible challenges

for here we are and now is the present.




2018 February 7- March 4


Exhibition Dates: February 7 - March 3 

Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm-6pm 

Public Reception Date: Friday, February 9, 6-8pm 


•  US4 Artshow February 2018


small invite to opening
Issa invite 2
felicia invite
artists talk invite
Issa invite
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Citiescapes Drawings at Kristina's Cafe'  March 2018


Citiescapes’ illustration by Grazia Montalto are showing at Kristina's Cafe, until April 1, 2018, she is displaying also the new series “Resist”, just completed in time for a gallery exhibit in February 2018. The inspiration for the series is our political time.  RESIST the want to normalize and go with the flow. Instead, get informed,
participate, stand up and rebel for your beliefs. It is a very powerful message and Grazia has embraced it and has transformed this into colorful drawings.


Exhibition Dates: March 4- April 1. 2018

Cafe Hours: Mon – Saturday, 7am-7pm - Sunday 9am-5pm




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