Grazia is a highly creative and talented artist. Parisian-born raised in Naples, Italy, she moved to Washington DC in her early twenties. She has 25+ years experience in print and digital graphic design as a graphic designer and art director. 

She recently started drawing, her work culminated in Citiescapes, a series of ink and markers illustrations of cities and places around the world, where lines and colors are mixed to create beautiful and original views. Her graphic works in Citiescapes drawings summarized her life interests: traveling -very enthusiastic traveler, architecture -absolute love, photography - her passion, and art -in all its expressions.

Her new series is “Resist”, just completed in time for a gallery exhibit in February 2018. The inspiration for the series is our political time. 

RESIST the want to normalize and go with the flow. Instead, get informed, participate, stand up and rebel for your beliefs. It is a very powerful message and Grazia has embraced it and has transformed this into colorful drawings.

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•  2016 Exhibit at Bistro Lazeez in Bethesda MD


•  2018 February 7- March 4 at Gallery B

Bethesda MD


•  2018 March 5-April 5 at Kristina’s Cafe Washington  DC



•  US4 Artshow February 2018